Professional Carpet, Rug, Upholstery & Stain Removal Services Tenterden, Mid Kent & East Sussex
Professional Carpet, Rug, Upholstery & Stain Removal ServicesTenterden, Mid Kent & East Sussex  

Carpet & Upholstery Stain Removal

Accidents & Spillages

The key to successful stain removal is to deal with any spillage as quickly as possible. Try to soak up as much as possible by blotting with a clean white towel and always work from the outside in by dabbing, remembering not to rub vigorously as this could cause the problem to spread and may also cause fibre damage.



Call for Urgent Attention

Should you need an urgent home visit please contact me. Attending to accidents/spillages as soon as possible and also not adding to the problem with home remedy products means that successful stain removal is more likely.

Coverage Area

Stain removal for the areas below. Ashford, Benenden, Biddenden, Cranbrook, Goudhurst, Hawkhurst, Headcorn, High Halden, Pluckley, Rye, Sandhurst, Smarden, Staplehurst, Tenterden, Woodchurch. Please call if outside the areas mentioned.



Recently completed stain removal jobs

Grease Marks

Grease from piano wheels on a 100% wool velvet carpet.



Fully Removed

Fully removed with the appropriate solutions.



Highlighter Pen

This staining was from a orange highlighter pen that was chewed by my clients dog resulting in dye from the pen transfering deep into the carpet



Fully Removed

Once the stain has been dealt with the solutions used are removed from the carpet by way of a clean water rinse to nuetralise the carpet.



Red Wine

Fully Removed

To discuss or arrange a call-out please call Anthony Barry on  01580 762727 or click Call-Back

If all professional attempts to remove the stain are unsuccessful a report can be written for insurance purposes.

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