Stain Removjal Service: The key to successful stain removal is to deal with any spillage quickly. Try to soak up as much as possible by blotting with a clean white towel and always work from the outside in by dabbing, remembering not to rub vigorously as this could cause the problem to spread and may also cause fibre damage. Should you need an urgent home visit please contact me. Attending to accidents-spillages as soon as possible and also not adding to the problem with home remedy products means that successful stain removal is more likely.




Moth Treatment Service: If you have never heard of the case-bearing moth, Tinea Pellionella, you are lucky - they have probably never invaded your home. These tiny but incredibly destructive and hard to exterminate native species can munch their way through wool and natural fibre carpets at remarkable speed and render them bald. Treating your carpets when newly fitted is the best method of preventing these moths taking hold and laying their eggs within your carpets. Where moth damage has already occurred treatment can still be applied to hinder further destruction but obviously at this stage some damage will have been done! 

Fabric Protection Service: Whether it’s a new purchase or an existing item, help to protect your fabrics and carpets from accidental spillages with Protect Nano fabric protector. Protect Nano is a water based solution that cures to form a water and oil repellent barrier to porous fabrics such a wool and cottons, is solvent free and will repel liquids and block stains without changing the look and feel of the fabric. If you would like a quotation or maybe discuss the option of this service I look forward to your call. Fabric protection products are not recommended for non-porous synthetic fibres.



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